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Unleash the power of stock analysis with corporate earnings conference call transcripts that are prepared exactly for this purpose. Be it word count, trend analysis or NLP, our goal is to make it easy for you to get to work. At HQ Insight we democratize financial data so you can start coding in minutes. The times are over when clean data is available only to investment banks and hedge funds. Same power is in your hands now!

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The Data Set

  • Date range: January 1, 2007 to July 31, 2019
  • Major exchanges: AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC
  • Over 7,500 companies
  • Over 140,000 transcripts
  • More than 5GB of raw text
  • Update frequency: Monthly
  • Free updates for 1 year

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  • Fully preprocessed and prepared for analysis
  • Easy to work with file and folder structure
  • Programming language and database agnostic
  • Clean data with ASCII-only characters
  • Pure call transcript with removed noise such as repeated names and titles

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Find Top Ten Words in an Earnings Call Transcript

Word count analysis on stock Earnings Conference Call Transcripts is where most people start. What are the top 10 words used in the call for a specific company? Do they talk about "Customer" or "Shortage" or "Hurricane"? Understanding such trends year over year can be useful in understanding overall company direction, if they ever had a tough year, what was the cause for it, and how they dealt with it.

Let's see an example by analyzing Amazon earning calls through the year 2018.

Find Word Mentions in Conference Call Transcripts

With thousands of companies publicly trading in just North America, it is clearly impossible to keep track of every single relationship that exists between them. But companies don't work in isolation, they work with suppliers and service providers, they have upstream and downstream relationships with other publicly trading companies. What this means, success of one enterprise is usually not isolated, and spills over into other companies' profits.

From a practical standpoint, if you know of a great product developed by one company, you can trace who else benefits from this success. Corporate management will definitely mention important developments in their quarterly and annual earnings calls, and so by examining their transcripts we can find such relationships.

Lets see who potentially benefited from the success of the 'Fortnite' game.

Run Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is one of the first more advanced analytical approaches to Earnings Conference Call Transcripts . Is the language positive or negative? Does it persist quarter over quarter? Is it company specific or the entire sector has such outlook?

Explore Earnings Anomalies

A lot of research shows stock price movement anomalies around earnings announcements. Understand it one level deeper, not just if a company has beaten the expectations, but what was the discussion around their earnings. Will the trend persist or it was a one-time gain? Has a competitor got into trouble? A project was completed early?

About HQ Insight and Earnings Data

What is HQ Insight?

HQ Insight is an financial data provider with a goal of democratizing data access. We also provide tutorials on how to analyse the financial data and gain the most value out of it, empowering individuals to be more informed about the stock market. While the investment banks and hedge funds spend millions of dollars to get privileged access to some information, individual investors are often left in the dark. HQ Insight is here to decrease the barrier to that information, making it convenient and easy to use. Our flagship financial data set is available for immediate download – corporate earnings conference call transcripts. Preformatted and structured in an easy to use way, you can start using it without downloading or installing any additional databases or software.

What are earnings calls?

All publicly traded companies in the US are regulated by SEC ( the Securities and Exchange Commission). SEC requires all companies to make certain filings regarding their operating activities. These activities may be scheduled or unscheduled. For example, unscheduled activities include declaration of insider trading, and while certain restrictions apply, insider trades may happen at an arbitrary point in time. On the other hand, scheduled activities are much more predictable, such as declaration of earnings on quarterly and/or annual basis.

Because earnings declaration may represent a material impact to how investors view the company and, correspondingly, value its stock – many companies choose to smooth the impact of new information being released to the public. It became a common practice to do it in a couple of ways:

  • First, companies will usually notify public in advance (usually via their website) that earnings will be declared on a specific date. Many companies follow a predetermined schedule, while others will set a specific date only a few weeks or days in advance.
  • Then, they issue a press release with preliminary information, usually just highlighting major points.
  • Next, the actual filing happens and investors can go through the information in more detail. However, the filing only speaks of the factual information, usually about the past quarter, and does not provide much information regarding the company future.
  • This is where the earnings call finally comes in. This is essentially an opportunity for the management to go over the results verbally, to discuss what actually impacted the numbers and what are their views and plans for the future.

Do all companies conduct earning calls and provide transcritps?

First, not all companies conduct earnings calls. SEC does not require this from publicly traded companies. However, it became not only a common practice because of a perceived additional transparency, but most companies also follow certain best practices.
In the beginning of the call you would usually hear a disclaimer stating that the call contains forward looking statements and that there are certain risks associated with that, and that actual results may vary greatly.
Next, CEO and CFO of the company will discuss the specifics and various information they want to ensure the investor community should be aware of. At the end, normally a call would be open for a Question and Answer session, where analysts can narrow down on specific topics.
An earnings conference call would normally last about 40-60 minutes, but there is no set requirement.

Even if a company conducts an earning call, companies generally do not post transcripts on their website. Even if they do, it will likely be a redacted transcript highlighting only a part of the call, generally omitting one of the most important parts – the Q&A session.

Can I participate in an earnings call?

Most companies now make earnings calls open to the public in listen-only mode.
Unfortunately, only select analysts from a pre-selected list may actively participate in the discussion. These analysts would normally be from banks and other investment companies. The investment community benefits from this structure because the discussion becomes very structured and to the point.
With the rise of the Internet, companies use webcasts to conduct the calls. A phone line also usually available as an option to join.
To listen to a webcast or to learn the phone number to call, visit the investor relations page of the company that interests you, and it should provide such information.

Are earning call transcripts and conference call transcripts the same thing?

Earnings calls are a specific type of a conference call. As such, a company may choose to hold a conference call for any reason, such as arrival or departure of an executive, merger and acquisition activity, new product release, response to a disaster, etc. Earnings conference calls deal specifically with discussion of earnings results.
Frequently, during the earnings conference calls management will also talk about any of the above mentioned items. Such activity usually affects the earnings, overall company performance and may impact companies future.
Transcripts is simply a text version of a recording.

How frequently companies conduct earnings conference calls?

Most North American (US and Canada) companies choose to hold conference calls right after the release of earnings. Usually same evening or next morning after the release, normally outside of the trading hours. This way the information has time to disseminate across the investor community. Any effect the earnings release has on price becomes smoother and stock volatility decreases.
Yet, many companies listed on American stock exchanges operate outside of US, such as Alibaba and many other. While they have to abide to American securities laws, the company is free to choose any time that is convenient for them to have a call. Because of this, call may happen very late in the evening.

What can I get out of earnings conference call transcripts?

The earning calls provide a lot of insight into management thought process. Why did they make certain decisions? How it affected the business? What are their thoughts on what the future holds? Some people use them to get a gut feel on the management – after call, Warren Buffet always says that the quality of the management is one key factors to the company success. It happens rather frequently that management may be avoiding to talk about certain topic, or puts a blame on some external factor. If you follow a specific company, it may be a good idea to actually call in or read a transcript as soon as possible. Yet, with thousands of companies trading in the stock market, you will be able to do this only for a very select holdings you have.

On the other side of the analysis, you may want to study trends that stocks exhibit because of the calls. May it be that the overall market talks about tariffs with China or exchange rate? Or that steel prices affected the entire sector? Combing through earnings conference calls manually may be extremely time consuming. Yet such large trends that repeat throughout calls in many companies can give you undeniable proof that certain aspect of the economy is gaining importance and you should pay more attention to it.

HQ Insight provides not only the ability to download earnings conference calls, but also tutorials on how do analysis, program trends and learn of hidden relationships.